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Longmont Podiatrist: Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

What is nail laser treatment?
Laser technology is an innovative treatment option for toenail fungus. To put it simply, a small laser beam is aimed at the diseased nail, killing the bacteria causing toenail fungus. While oral medication can lead to serious health problems, and topicals cannot always permeate the stubborn bacteria that lies underneath the nail, Laser technology provides an option that is safe, and proven effective. 

Why should you pick Flatirons Foot and Ankle Clinic’s nail laser treatment?
Dr. Steed is one of two doctors who pioneered the original pinpoint laser in Colorado. His familiarity with laser technology has not only kept him up-to-date on the most recent and promising treatments for toenail  fungus, but also, his experience has helped lead him to choose only very safe and effective laser equipment. After  trials with previous laser technology, Dr. Steed selected The Cooltouch Varia Laser. What makes this laser unique is its two key features: 1. cold spray technology, and 2. even distribution of energy. Unlike older laser technology, the Cooltouch only uses the amount of heat needed to kill the fungus that causes toenail discoloration and irregularity of the nail. Once it reaches the correct temperature, the machine immediately produces a burst of cold spray to ensure the treatment is tolerable, and any possible pain from the heat is minimized. 

The other unique quality is that the machine offers pinpoint precision. With a reduced size of a 10mm laser beam, the machine is able to more specifically, and accurately target your fungus. As a result, your treatment time is dramatically reduced and tailored to your specific needs.   The Cool Touch Varia Laser  has proven to be more consistently successful in resolving stubborn nail fungus, while at the same time allowing us to be more competitive in pricing. 

Before and After
The pictures below of Dr. Steed's patients reveal the transformation made possible by the Cooltouch Laser. The diseased nail is greatly reduced, and the new healthy nail can be seen growing in.

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