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We pride ourselves in 
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We value our patients and therefore try to provide as many in office services as possible.
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630 Coffman St., Suite A
Longmont, CO 80501

Longmont Foot & Ankle Specialist

Welcome to Flatirons Foot & Ankle Clinic where we attempt to make your foot and ankle pain or injuries a thing of the past. We help small children and the elderly, the healthy and the ill and those who exercise regularly and those who don't. Even if you are an athlete whose career entirely depends on your feet, we can fix simple problems that require basic treatment, complex problems that require specialized attention and advanced conditions that might even require surgery. We even provide all the information you need about your foot challenges.

Our commitment to providing quality health solutions starts whenever a patient walks into our office; we ensure that we provide as many services as possible within the office. We strive to maintain a warm office atmosphere where kindness and excellence in service delivery take center stage while ensuring that we let you get back to your activities with healthy and comfortable feet. Our Longmont podiatrist takes pride in providing a wide range of solutions including EPAT, laser treatment, x-ray examinations, diabetic shoes and insoles, custom orthotics, peripheral arterial disease testing and many other procedures to help your feet feel better.

We strive to provide all our products and services under one roof to save you time and energy you would otherwise need to run around town looking for something important. Our qualified and experienced podiatrists are committed to helping you recover from any foot discomfort you may have. Our prices are very competitive and we have special packages for those without insurance coverage.

If you are looking for an affordable foot and ankle specialist in Longmont, look no further, we assure you that we have the necessary tools and skills to put an end to any discomfort you are experiencing in your feet and ankles.

Visit our office located at 630 Coffman St, Longmont, CO 80501, suite A for any of our services today.

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Covid-19 Update: during this time of a national challenge we want to communicate that we are still open, and will still try to help those that need our help in trying to keep you going on your feet.  Please call our office for an appointment.  We ask that you not come in or please delay your appointment if you have been diagnosed with covid-19, been around anyone who is sick with fever or you are not feeling well including fever.   Please contact proper medical care accordingly.

630 Coffman St., Suite A
Longmont, CO 80501

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